Sunday, 7 April 2013


In March after 2 years of braces I had another appointment with my surgeon. I was exciting about this appointment, feeling that finally the surgery was getting close and all the troubles with braces might just be worth it. I was hoping to be given at least a rough date for surgery early in the summer so I would have my summer break from uni to recover as that would be at least 27 months since I first got my braces on and I was told it would only take 18 months. But unfortunately in this appointment I was told that I needed 6 months more of orthodontics before I would be ready for surgery (which would be nearly 3 years of braces :( ) because I only had a 5mm gap between my top and bottom teeth but they had wanted a 10-12mm gap but would settle at 8mm. So the earliest I could have my surgery would be September. (While I was at this appointment they put hooks on my braces so that I could wear elastics to hopefully speed up the process.)

Disheartened I went to my orthodontists appointment 2 weeks later planning to get out of my orthodontist why my teeth haven't moved as far as they should have and why he gave me false hope I could have the surgery in June. But before I asked any questions, he disagreed with my surgeon saying there was a 8mm gap and that I would be ready for Surgery in June and he would write to my surgeon asking him to book me an appointment for June. CONFUSED

To make it worse this was my last appointment with my orthodontist as he has left. They said I will have an appointment with a new orthodontist, who hasn't been employed yet in June which will hopefully be my last orthodontic appointment before surgery. But currently I am just thoroughly confused and not knowing what on earth is going on and just having to wait for letters from the hospital.

I hate that I can't make any plans because I don't know when my next appointment is or my surgery is. This surgery seems to take over my life!



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